Olympian Ken Chertow and a world class staff will provide personalized learning and training in many locations this summer. Visit the links below for a camp location near you.

June 14 16: Proctorville, OH - http://kenchertow.com/?page=summer_camp&id=465
June 21 24: West Liberty, WV - http://kenchertow.com/?page=summer_camp&id=466
July 2 6: Charlotte, NC - http://kenchertow.com/?page=summer_camp&id=470
July 16 29: State College, PA - http://kenchertow.com/?page=summer_camp&id=455

There are 4 day to two week camp options available for all ages and skill levels. Significant group discounts are also available when enrolled early

Email [email protected] to request a package of camp fliers and applications or call 814-466-3466.