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Thread: What are you reading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Winston O'Boogie View Post
    I'd be interested in your thoughts on this. It's been on my list to read for years and I just can't seem to get motivated to start. What'd you think?

    I just finished Where all the Light Tends to Go by David Joy. It's a novel set in Appalachian North Carolina. A good story with a great narrator. If you like Appalachian-set fiction, I'd recommend it with a 3.5/5 type rating.
    I actually enjoyed it. It opened my eyes to the ending of McArthur's career. Brilliant man that worked his way into a self inflated view of his own ability to assess the whole global picture at the beginning of the cold war because of his desire to continue to try and gain success and credit for resisting communism for his mission from the UN.

    Truman was in a tough spot. He was well aware of the backlash he would publicly receive for firing McArthur. He waited about as long as you could while trying to manage McArthur into just carrying out his role instead of trying to save the whole world from Russia and Red China. Truman was probably way more patient than I would have been in not demanding the courtesy and respect of being the Commander In Chief and expecting that his orders would be followed.

    The detailed writings of the testimonies from McArthur and Truman's cabinet to the Senate were excellent and really showed how different the views of the two opposing groups were.

    IN the end. McArthur completely underestimated Red China and was convinced he was hand-tied by the Administration to fight them off in North Korea. I have no doubt he went to his grave believing he did nothing wrong and that politicians didn't understand the world the way he did being up close and personal with the enemy. As much as I don't think history has treated Truman very well, he certainly seemed to be seeking the best interest of all free nations when he made decisions and the book didn't come across as him being one that was really worried about whether he would get credit or not for a positive outcome. Peace was the goal for him....globally as opposed to simply keeping the Asian region away from Communist rule.

    The perceived Russian threat of involvement combined with the underestimated willingness of Red China to support the North was the biggest difference in McArthur's and Truman's approach.

    It's worth the read.
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    Have you read the Truman biography by David McCullough? I picked it up for $2 at the annual library book sale. I really enjoyed his biography of the Wright Brothers.
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