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Thread: Ohio Chatter is looking for advertisers...

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    Ohio Chatter is looking for advertisers...

    If you have a business or know of someone that does that would like to advertise on the OC please contact me ([email protected]). To start off I'm going to offer 4 levels of sponsorship. They are as follows:
    1. Presenting sponsor ($750/month) - With this sponsorship your business will be the presenting sponsor of Ohio Chatter. This means the site name would be "Ohio Chatter: presented by Your Business Name." This will give you the most exposure as your business name will be plastered on every page of the site. There will be only one presenting sponsorship available at any given time.
    2. Main sponsor ($150/month) - With this sponsorship your business will get a 728x90 banner ad placed at the top of every forum page. Your banner will be rotated with the other main sponsors but there will be a max of 4 so you will get exposure on AT LEAST 25% of all pageviews.
    3. Forum sponsor (varies) - With this sponsorship a link to your business will be displayed following the forum description on the forum listing page. The pricing on this sponsorship will be based on the number of posts in the particular forum you would like to sponsor.
    4. Basic sponsor ($20/month) - With this sponsorship a small banner and link to your business will be placed on a new sponsors page. This page will be prominently displayed in the main site navigation.
    Ohio Chatter averages ~35k unique visits (~75k visits) and ~500k pageviews per month. Visitors average over 7:30 minutes on the website and view over 6.5 pages per visit.

    Please contact me if you are interested in advertising. Since this program is just starting I can be flexible with pricing. I will also offer discounts for purchasing multiple months at a time.

    Thank you,
    [email protected]
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